Book Project

I have spent the past 25 years recording my thoughts in the form of stories. It is time to put them into a Book Form

Those stories intended to be included in a single book, however the more I edited, the number of editions grew into Four!

About the early days of a boy , his dog and a farm. Many others can relate to the same expereinces.

On a farm, not much money but surrounded by love, one learns values. These will last a life time.

We all need to have a connection with someone or something to look up to on not down on. This is about the connection that I have with my Creator.

Years ago, I wrote a bit of rhyme, and like many...forced. Later , I began to let thoughts flow. I have recorded a bit of them in this editon.

These will be published during 2023. They will be Amazon and another publisher, which will be offered to read online at a nearly free cost. Putting my thoughts in book form, is not to make money from it. It is rather, a way to share my thoughts with others, who might find a smile in them .