Natures - Invitation

with Rich Hoback

Thank you for visiting me !

This is just a place where I can share with you the many facets of nature that I have captured. Over and over, I have said that this is a hobby of mine that I enjoy sharing. This is Not a sales page. My photos can be printed nicely in many different ways including calendars and coffee table books. If you are interested, I can help you with that.

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About the Photographer......

Using the byline: Invitation Into Nature with Me...... meet Richard Hoback

Rich was born a farm boy In eastern Nebraska. He has spent most of his life in Nebraska .

While he left the farm soon after high school , his inherited love for the farm, fauna and flora never disappeared. Following his fathers love for the land and photography ..... and his mother's love and talent for capturing nature and landscape through her hundreds of oil paintings, Rich sees those images through the viewfinder of his camera.

To him , if the day included one photo to be considered a Keeper.... it has been a good day for him.

His task in life through photography has had one goal. He looks for and captures images of those things which others, for whatever reason .... can not enjoy for themselves with the result of sharing all with them.

Samples of the photos I capture

These are from the Henry Doorly Zoo in Nebraska

Photo and Words by Rich Hoback The beautiful Calligraphy and Presentation by David Schmidt